Rules and Regulations


Banger Racing Club Limited

Penrhiw, Aberarth


Rules and Regulations 2007

  • From the 1st July 1992 the offenses of dangerous driving, careless and inconsiderate driving of a vehicle on a road also applies to a public place i.e. Banger Racing organised by the banger Racing Club Limited at Penrhiw, Aberarth, Nr. Aberaeron.
  • In response to the directives of this new act, Banger Racing Club Limited has applied and been granted IOPD authorisation and therefore excempt.
  • Exemption means that the offenses of dangerous, careless or inconsiderate driving do not apply to those taking part in Banger Racing Club Limited events provided that the driver is driving in accordance with the events safety rules and regulations.
  • Banger Racing Club Limited hereby informs all the participants that an infringement of the events safety rules and regulations as stated herein and in any final instructions will result in the automatic disqualification.
  • Participating or officiating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited (Please remember you are still liable for drinking offenses).
  • In Terms of this rule it is important that we emphazise that the amended Road Traffic Act 1991 is very clear as to the illegality of being in control of a mechanically propelled vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, whether on the public road or public place.
  • Thus an IOPD excemption from the Road Traffic Act protecting participants will not safeguard a participant should he/she be in control of a mechanically propelled vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • A red flag will be used if an unauthorised person or persons enter prescribed safety zones; the event will be suspended until those persons have withdrawn from the safety zones.
  • Written agreement of a parent or guardian must accompany the entry form of competitors under 18 years of age.

Banger Racing Club Limited Rules and Regulations.

  1. Drivers to race entirely at their own risk.
  2. The structure of the body shell and chassis must not be changed or modified, with the driver door securely fastened and mesh fitted on the windscreen area.
  3. Only original bumpers to be fitted and any reinforcement must be confined to the inside of the original body, be a minimum 25mm size ‘Box Section’ and not to protrude any wider than the outside of chassis rails.
  4. All glass must be removed, interior mirror allowed.
  5. No 4 wheel drive vehicles may enter.
  6. No ballast permitted.
  7. Batteries must be securely fastened and covered if fitted in passenger compartment.
  8. All drivers must wear seat belts and crash helmets at all times, until returned to pit area.
  9. Seat belts must be securely fitted, inertia belts not allowed. (Full harness recommended).
  10. Seat Must be fully secured.
  11. Road going tyres only can be used and must not be cut.
  12. The promoters decision is final
  13. Any car overturning or being involved in a serious accident on the track must be rescrutineered before racing again.
  14. Substantial roll bar MUST be fitted to protect the driver (see sketch).
  15. The scrutineers decision as to the suitability of the vehicle for racing is final.
  16. If exhaust are fitted inside the vehicle it must be covered by a heat shield.
  17. Overalls MUST be worn, but not made of nylon.
  18. When racing has finished or a red flag is used, drivers must return to the paddock area via the circuit only and enter and proceed through the paddock area at a speed not exceeding walking pace.
  19. No driver must willfully bump or bore another vehicle or drive inside the inter most perimeter of the track. CONTACT RACING IS NOT PERMITTED, failure to obey this rule will result in disqualification from the meeting.
  20. No car may be driven in the spectator area.
  21. The time of scruitineering will be advised.  Failure to arrive at the advised time may result in refusal of entry.
  22. Ladies who enter their names for the competition races automatically disqualify them selves from the ladies race.
  23. No vehicles to be left on the field after the event.
  24. All drivers must be 15 years old or over.
  25. All competitors and officials must sign on before entering the track.
  26. Competitors may be change car for the final as long as the cc of the car is the same as the original entered and officials are notified.
  27. Cars fitted with turbo as standard may compete.
  28. Specials allowed to race in specials race only (consideration may be given to handicap).
  29. Maximum of 2 gallons fuel tank to be used, the original tank to be removed.
  30. The promoters reserve the right to handicap.
  31. Minimum of 4 cars in any class.
  32. A person must be at the control of a competing vehicle when the engine is running and also the vehicle must be facing an open area.
  33. All vehicles must have a brake light mounted above boot level at the back of the car.
  34. All vehicles must have working brakes.
  35. All vehicles must have a towing eye at the front and back of the vehicle.
  36. Multivalve, 16 or twin cam engines may be handicapped at the officials discretion.
  37. All cars to display clear roof number of black numbers on white background (or vice versa).
  38. Fixing of bonnets must be by fitted bonnet pins or ‘R’ Clips for ease of opening in the event of a fire. Bonnet to also have two  100mm diameter approx. holes cut out for extinguishing engine fire whilst bonnet remains shut should the situation arise.
  39. Drivers door to have webbing or ‘net’ fixed only, in order that these can be cut should an injured driver need to be attended to.
  40. All cars to be fitted with battery master Cut Off switch to cut off supply to all engine electrical components.  Such switch to be mounted on scuttle panel between bonnet and windscreen and to be suitably and clearly identified.

Type of Cage Recommended:

Flag Signals

Red Flag

Cease racing, return to pits with care and at walking speed.

Yellow Flag

Danger on track, no overtaking, drive with care.

Black Flag

Leave track and return to pit, competitor disqualified from race.

White Flag

Last lap.

Black and White Flag

End of race.

If you want a copy of the rules and regs you can download them here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat reader, which you can download here.

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